Life comes at you fast and you either take it in for all it’s worth or let it go by the wayside. I have had my share of moments in which I told the world to stop. Tried to hide so that nothing else could happen, but that doesn’t stop the world. It doesn’t stop because I had a bad day, week, or whatever. The only choice is to keep going. Whatever is thrown your way you can handle. It might seem crazy, but you’ll find your way. This realization didn’t come without pain and tears and lots of mental breakdowns, but now I can conquer anything. I’m headstrong and determined with dreams that people  joke about.

So why share this? Who really cares about my journey? Probably not too many people, but we all start somewhere.

The plan is to  post something that makes me smile on this blog everyday because there is something every single day that can make you smile. It’s time to recognize all the good that life has to offer.


I spent an amazing day with some lovely ladies.  I smiled the entire day. It’s amazing the people you can meet when you let your guard down. Today, I was open to new people and learned that every single person deserves a chance because you never know what lies beneath.

I wish I could meet someone new every day because you never know when you will learn to salsa dance in a pool from a new friend 🙂