Every time  I go home it gets harder and harder to see my grandparents. Growing up I spent every summer day with my granddad, every Wednesday at their place for family diner, and lovely trips to Dairy Queen.

My Grandparents have given out so much love. They are strong during hard times and always there to give advice during the unknown. Perhaps, that is why seeing them become so weak is so hard.

As time goes on the stories we hear don’t change. I can repeat almost word for word some of the war stories my granddad tells. We have funny stories from grandma trying to know what we’re talking about (i.e. “who’s insane?” when we were talking about Spain). These quirks always bring secret smiles to my face. As a story begins to be repeated for the hundredth time or when a random question is asked it’s hard not to smile.

These two amazing people have been rocks in our family. They are without a doubt the reason I have been able to do so much of what I’ve done. Quirks or no quirks their love shines through each of us and for each other. They have been married for 62 years and we could all learn something from that.

My sister and her future hubby sure hope to have such a successful marriage. Today we went to pick up her dress and pick out bridesmaids dresses. I do believe we found the dress that the girls will be wearing!! I am super excited about it! Now they just have to pick out the color!



Today I am smiling for memories, quirks, hearing stories a million times, and pretty dresses 🙂 Lot’s of reasons to smile today!!