Perception is the key. How many quotes and proverbs are there about “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or “one mans junk is one mans treasure”? I started thinking about this today after someone made a comment about a shoe color. (“These shoes aren’t Carolina Blue! The opponent is gray! These are Buccaneer blue bitches!!”)

After, I was done laughing at the comment I began to think about how if people thought like that all the time this world would be so much different. There is no bias of color. The enemy, no matter what or who that is, shouldn’t have anything to do with the color. The perception of the it should be gray.

We grow up in a world in which color means a lot. It affects your perception. If you have a favorite team and their colors are green and white and the enemy is blue and red then you probably don’t like the colors blue and red together. It just seems so silly and yet we all do this.

We even do this when we associate red and green with Christmas and blue with Hanukkah. Again, this is so silly. It’s a color, it doesn’t reflect what one believes or who they are, but yet that’s what we associate it with.

It’s a tad crazy when we begin to really think about the things we believe as a culture. We should realize it’s not the color of the team or holiday that matters, but the heart and reason. Anyway, today I am smiling because we have buccaneer blue, and that’s exactly how it is supposed to be.