Trust. Honesty. Loyalty.

These characteristics are some of the ones that our society claims are so important and yet so few people have any of these traits. Think about how easy lies slip from each of our lips… How often we don’t say what we really feel… How about when we betray a friend by telling someone, what they said? It happens all too often.

We slip, or it’s “easier.” Whatever the reason we give it, it happens. Perhaps this is the reason that we all look for these characteristics in others because we each lack them.

We ask others to be honest with us because we can’t be honest with ourselves.

We ask people to trust us when we aren’t sure we are trustworthy.

We ask for loyalty and aren’t sure we can give it.

The truth is that the truth hurts. We can’t get around that simple fact. The truth in a lie hurts just like a truth hurts. We can’t escape that. What are we to do then? Continue to search for these things? Or should we start fixing them within ourselves?

We each have nights we can’t sleep and thoughts that shouldn’t fill our head or at least we wish they wouldn’t. Haunted by things people have done to us or that we have done to them. It’s time to fix all of that by fixing who we let ourselves become.

Today I am smiling in hopes of being those things to the people I love and not just putting them on a check list.