Life has this funny way of turning people into cynics. We all start out believing in “once upon a time…” and “happily ever after” then something happens. Your parents divorce, someone passes, a friend turns on you..whatever the case may be. We end up with broken pieces, wounds that turn into scars.

The scars can ruin us if we let them. The scars can turn into bitterness. We begin to shut down, put up walls to keep people from ever knowing who we truly are. That bitterness ends up only wasting time and keeps whatever pain you felt alive. Why would you want to let something keep hurting you?

To avoid becoming cynical (if that’s possible) I have been working on a theory…

First of all we all have a past. Usually there is something in that past that makes others uncomfortable or makes them want to run away from the situation all together, but the past is exactly what it should be. The past brought each of us to where we should be, so think twice before you run away from someone. Maybe they are just who you need to start believing and stop holding on to the past.

But maybe the answer isn’t another person coming into your life and if that’s so then empower yourself.  It’s strange how often we don’t think we have the strength to do it on our own. If you really think about it, all you ever needed was you. Decide on something and achieve it.

This is all of course my over-thinking spilling out onto a webpage. I have found my outlet. I don’t need a person to let go of the past. I have words and pages and pages filled with with random thoughts and stories. Writing is my escape.

You choose to be ruined. It doesn’t just happen.

Today I am smiling for making the right choice.