Direction. Find a direction to go in and keep going?

We go to college and expect to find all of the answers, find ourselves, find out who we “were meant to be.” You’ll go through the four years and along the way everything will start to make sense. Then you’ll graduate and life will just go along on its merry way with you on board.

Too bad that’s a fairytale.

When do we ever truly figure out who we are? We always think we have who we are figured out, but then we get another test from life  and learn an new lesson and wham we’re changed. Or we say yes when we could have said no… everything can change just like that. Then the what if games begin and we could start going crazy.

Well the truth is we never really have it all figured out, we never stop finding ourselves. We just have to keep going and make the best choices that we can to be the person we want to be.
Smile for the never ending discovery.