I have a tendency to let say things with the intention of getting even and hurting the other person. It’s not exactly a winning quality of mine, but it is something I have to work on.

The thing that comes after that hurtful word is sometimes more important.

The apology.

After I say something hurtful and I see the result it had, even if it’s the result I thought I wanted, I find myself apologizing to the person. It doesn’t happen because I think I’m wrong, although sometimes I am, but be cause the person I hurt is important to me.

I care about people…usually more than I should and I hate when I hurt someone that I care about.  I usually try to do everything I can to make it right again and if ti doesn’t work then at least I know I did everything I could to try to fix it.

Today I am smiling for understanding there are times when it is foolish to let your pride get in the way of an apology.