I am one sick person right now. I can’t remember the last time I was this sick, to be honest. I do know that my mind is not even that concerned with what is going on with me though. My mind keeps wandering…

I want to have the perfect thing to say. I want to have everything the way I pictured, but life isn’t black and white and sometimes you have to work hard, harder than you ever imagined for something you want. You have to fight like hell for it.

I am so confused. I need courage and strength. I ask for those things every time I pray. I also pray for the ones I love and the ones I know need guidance.

Sometimes the answers come and other times I am left to wait and see what will happen. I am trying to become a more patient person. I know it is a virtue and God is always looking for us to become better people.

When I went to write this blog I thought I was going to write about how life is complicated and how we may not always have a clear path with answers scattered around us, but clearly that is not where my fingers led me.

I do believe my path will be cleared in time. I will get stronger everyday. I will get healthier everyday, but today I am smiling for the path before me even if it is not what I thought I wanted.

Have a Little Faith In Me